No. People tend to think that paintball is violent because of the act of marking someone with a paintball marker (gun). In actuality paintball is a sport that builds team skills, sportsmanship and camaraderie. Paintball is both fun and athletic. In addition, the community around paintball has a very strong bond. Joining the paintball community allows you to make many friends and memories that last a lifetime.

Not Really. This is the first question new players usually ask about the sport. Getting hit by a paintball typically “stings” or “smarts” a little, especially if shot inside 3m and directly onto your skin. Typically, this will result in a small welt or bruise. The best comparison for what it feels like is snapping yourself with a rubber band. Because of this, paintball is recommended for 13yrs+.You will be provided with protective overalls and full face masks, if you choose not to wear the overalls and are shot at close range then it can hurt. Full Face Mask is Mandatory. Prior to starting a game, you will have time to discuss tactics and agree rules, including adopting the 3m ‘no shoot’ rule and the ‘Two Shot Body Rule’ (which means at most you will be shot twice).

Yes. Each player must attend a safety and rules orientation prior to play. Shooting is restricted to the playing field/target range only. There is a referee present at every game. Players are expected to follow the rules of safe play at all times. Thepaintball mask is the most important piece of equipment. You must always wear your mask when on the field. Do not remove it on the field at any time, even if it fogs up. If your mask fogs up, call yourself out, the referee will stop gameplay whilst you clean your mask, and then resume play.

Typically you should allow 3-4 hours for your visit. The admission fee of 350b gives you unlimited access to the Paintball Field (day and night) and full equipment hire including 20 paintballs. Depending on numbers and experience each game lasts on average 15 – 20 minutes. You may buy additional balls between games as well as discuss tactics and cool off under the showers.Relax in the café/bar area with sun loungers, free wifi, free H2O and Electrolytes. Western, Thai and Indian food may be ordered from the bar.

Yes! It is hot here, so we recommend wearing light clothing, we have showers to cool off in between games. As well as daytime games, we also play at night under the spotlights, if it’s too hot during the day, it will be cooler at night.

If you have them, bring them! Of course you can play in flip-flops but you may find it easier to run around in shoes.

Yes. Private paintball games are an ideal activity for special events such as birthday parties, stag do’s or team building activities, etc. Contact us today for group rate information and available days to book your private game.

Paintball Marker (Gun)
The industry leader, Tippmann 98 Custom pro with stock. Markers are mechanical (single trigger pull fires one ball). Barrel socks are ALWAYS included and are a safety requirement.

The hopper (or Loader) feeds paintballs to the marker. They are gravity fed.
Air Tanks
Air tanks store the compressed gases that propel the paintballs out of the marker. Strict ASTM guidelines are adhered to for the production of tanks, and burst disks are built-in to release the gas safely in the case of any failure. You receive free refills at the beginning of each game.

Non-toxic capsules filled with water-soluble dye are used as the projectile in the sport. They have a shell that breaks on impact and leaves a visible paint splatter. They are 100% edible and safe for humans and animals.

Provides complete protection to your eyes, ears, nose and mouth. Players are required to wear them at all times whilst on the Paintball Pitch.

Protective Overalls
These overalls are to protect you and your clothes. Please note that sometimes paint does come through and we therefore advise you not to wear your best clothes. Please also note that it does get hot, therefore we recommend wearing light clothing and showering to cool down between games.